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WeAreLegion Rules

Post  NoticeMeOwn on Wed Dec 22, 2010 3:12 pm

Before you start plundering around and become a member of WeAreLegion, you will need to apply for the clan, go to http://clan.z8games.com/clanstat_cf.aspx?guildid=77480. If you are already a member of WeAreLegion, feel free to roam the site.


1. Do NOT hack, mod, or anything of that nature. That will result in a kick from the clan.

2. Do NOT try to boss the Lieutenants or the Leader around. You will get a warning the first time and kicked from the clan on the second.

3. LISTEN to the Leader and Lieutenants.

4. NEVER leave, go AFK, or RAGE during a clan match if it can be prevented.

5. Keep your Kill\Death Ratio POSITIVE.

6. If someone is clanning, you are EXPECTED to clan with them unless you are not needed.

7. NEVER give out information about your account to anyone for any reason.

8. TRY to recruit and clan as much as possible.

9. Be ACTIVE and tell the clan Leader or Lieutenants if you are going to be away for a long period of time.

10. Download TeamSpeak if possible. You can download it at http://teamspeakclient.en.softonic.com/.


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Thank you for following these rules, [WAL]Notice

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