CrossFire Vocabulary and Terms.

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CrossFire Vocabulary and Terms.

Post  NoticeMeOwn on Tue Apr 12, 2011 6:54 pm

GG = Good game
GH = good half
Scrim = clan war (vice versa)
GM = ghost mode
FFA = free for all
EM = elimination
TDM = team death match

S&D = search and destroy

Pub = public game
Pugg = game where captains pick teams to play.
gf = good fight

camping = standing still and killing someone
rushing = go to the enemy as fast as you can
Br = Born Retarded \ Brazilian
afk = away from keyboard \ free kill
QQ = crying, whining
GB = game booster
scrub-lite = scar-light
THP = try hard panties
OP = over powered (M12s, Scar Light)
Lit = Highly damaged or hurt
PZ (PeeZee) = 1 hit kill OR Penis Zone.
LMT = Lick My Tits
ATH = Asian Try-Hards
BKRS = Bad Kid Randy Salvage

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