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    Ray's Rage.

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    Ray's Rage.

    Post  NotoriousRay on Wed Apr 27, 2011 10:15 am

    I saw Miami post a little rant threat so I thought I should too.

    NUMBER 1!
    Campers with m12s.
    Not just camping behind a door, but people who constantly just sit in one area, whether it be in SND or TDM. What's even worse is that because they have an m12s, you're basically fucked if you go within 10ft of them because that little shit spray will kill you in 2 seconds. You need to either have ridiculously great reaction time to turn and head shot them, or you better hope that they miss every single bullet in that thing. Fuck m12s.

    NUMBER 2!
    People who block in HM/MM.
    Like what the fuck. Why would you do that?? 2 fucking minutes that you're just going to sit there while everyone else is trying to get in to kill you. That's pointless. That's like being in a zombie apocalypse and being in a zone where zombies are physically unable to get in. That takes away the damn fun. I rather be out there. With a fucking Uzi, running from mutants and having fun. Then camping in a fucking corner while people block. What pisses me off more is if I'm the mutant that has to kill everyone else. And half the fucking team, is being blocked by some asshole. That's 2 whole minutes I could be chasing their asses down. BUT NOOOO. They rather sit in a corner fondling themselves than fighting me up front. I don't get their logic Neutral

    NUMBER 3!

    Try Hard Asians
    AH. Those bastards. What a coincidence that they just ALL happen to have either SPOPS/STARS, Golden Guns, M4 Custom, and of course, ARMOR. Asians are like fucking robots man. They have built in mental aim bots that make their reaction time ridiculously fast. It's crazy. And they practice like their legitimately going to war. By the time you even get to look in their direction. there's 4 of them spraying at you getting nothing but head shots. I don't know how they do it. I wish I was Asian.

    I have nothing else to complain about right now. I'll add more when something else makes me rage.



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    Re: Ray's Rage.

    Post  Wings on Tue Jun 21, 2011 12:51 am

    Nothing about BR's? Im ashamed of you Ray, I would have thought you could have done better.


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